Saturday, April 18, 2009


Days have passed,
since I saw you last.
Time is passing by,
Flowers seem to cry.
Look at the way,
The flowers grow everyday.
The time passes by,
in its own way.
It drops pearls in everybody's life,
And in mine dear,
Your Love is the real pearl.
And I am sure you're mine,
Wherever I be, in my life,
You'll always shine.
Yes, my beloved,
I am Missing You,
And I Love You too.

Dr Ernest Albert translated my poem into Hindi. I want to share with you all.. ..It is just amazing..I feel honoured. Thks Sir.....

beet gaye hain
kitne saare din
tumhe dekhne ke baad.
reet r'ha hai samay
rone ko hain phool
phir bhi rozana khil aate hain
reet r'ha hai samay
apne hi andaaz mein.
yeh giraata hai moti
har ek ki anjuli mein
par meri anjuli ka asli moti
tumhaara pyar bhar hai.
aur main man'ti hoon
ki tum mere ho.
j'haan bhi hoongi

iss zindgi ke zaabiye mein,
hamesha chamkoge tum
moti ki maanind.
han ! han !! mere pyar
tum bahut yaad aate ho
main tumhe bahut pyar karti hoon.


  1. hey u write really well.:) Enjoyed the sweet poem.:) Great work.

  2. ur penning ur thoughts on paper, which is simply incredible