Monday, April 27, 2009

You Never Loved Me

Loving someone is'nt a choice....
But when someone brutally breaks your heart,
The pain makes you feel like you are in hell....
And you feel like you are falling apart.
All the time someone lied and cheated on you,
U just pretended nothing happened.
Hiding your sadness and showing a happy face,
You think that your heart will never mend.
You believed someone even though U knew he was lying,
Ignoring it and letting ur feelings swallow it you whole.
But deep down you were hurt and confused,
U gave him everything, ur heart, ur time and even ur soul.
But its different now...
U have to rise up and be strong.
Try to forget everything and move on,
Find a place where u belong....
You were the reaosn why my heart was still beating....
and the reason why my heart will never beat again.....