Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mumbai Nights – A Way to Rock

It is 12 a.m. and its sunrise time for Mumbai's party animals. Mumbai night life is a blur of lights, music and drinks. This metro is famous all over the world for its magnificent nightlife. There is merriment at every corner of the city, people chatting over a cup of tea, traffic is on, sellers busy in their selling, its hard to believe its 12 in night. Then this is Mumbai where night never sleeps. I have experienced it myself. After day’s hectic schedule, it was at 12 am that we use to zoom out for having a closer look at Mumbai nights.

After the frenzied days work, the favorite spot of the Mumbites to chill are the night clubs where they dance, drink and refresh themselves with the rocking music. It was a high energy sessions where the people sweat, shaking their bodies to the high watt music and unwinding with the drink. This is no place other than pubs, discos and bars where the nocturnal animals rock. DJ’s lift their souls to zenith. It will not also be wrong to say that every lane and every by lane leads you to the den of night spots.

The other exciting night activities that you can indulge in Mumbai are, taking a long drive along the Mumbai Coast line, have a tea at Nariman point, visit the Bade Mia - a stall behind Taj Hotel that has chicken and paneer rolls available till the early morning hours. Try pizzas, juices, ice creams at the Bachelor's juice center opposite chowpatty and don't miss the Bandra's Band Stand - the most happening place that buzzes at night.

Its this place where famous Bollywood actors like Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan reside. This place is also famous because of its beautiful sea and sunset view and places around like Hill Road, Churches like Father Agnel and Mother Merry (Mount Merry) where one can enjoy cool breezy evening sitting with their beloved.

After taking a stroll at Band Stand sitting under the star studded sky unwinds you or yet another thrilling way to enjoy and experience the fascinating Mumbai Night Life-choose the corner table at any café and just watch the street life, the people, the sellers, and the traffic.

“The nightlife in Mumbai offers a lot of variety to satiate the nightlife enthusist”.

Mumbai Nightlife

  • Famous Night Spots: Rock Bottom, Squeeze, Insomnia, Enigma, Zenzi and Aaziano.
  • Night life Activities: Driving, Strolling on Beaches, Eating at Road Side Dhabas.
  • Hanging out Zones: Marine Drive, Band Stand, Chowpatty Beach, Nariman Point, Fort Road.
  • Time Line: 10 pm to 4 am


  1. hmmmm....Mumbai...well I still prefer calling it Bombay.....Maximum that never sleeps. I share your views about the town, its a fun place to be as long as you have a roof above your head, a car below your ass and money in your pocket. It's the best place to party and worst to survive otherwise.
    Thanks for sharing useful information.

  2. hey Manavvv.. your are a blogger too.. a cracking news for me.. i just hit your blog from links starting from harcharan bains to megha maan and then to shout ..oh it is our manav.. good keep it up dear i would love to read more on it..

  3. Heyyyy Manav... it is you .. what a great place to find are a blogger too.. amazing and a cracking news for me.. just hit your blog while followiing harcharan bains through megha mann and else... and seeing ur pics just said ..oh.. it is our manav.. good keep it up .. would like to read more on it.. take care