Tuesday, April 14, 2009


No night is as dark as it seems. No despair is so deep that it cannot be lightened. We associate darkness with despair, but I have always found night to be kinder than day.

“The night has a thousand eyes……” and I have grown accustomed to the night’s brightness-moonlight, starlight, lamplight, firelight! Even fireflies and glow-worms light up the darkness.

Over the years, the night has become my friend. On the one hand it gives me privacy, and on the other it provides me with limitless freedom. In this lifetime, I have always felt safer by night, possibly because there aren’t too many people around when it’s very late.

At night we are alone with ourselves, with our secret fears, and the human mind is most uneasy when left alone with its inadequacies and defects. The day, on the other hand has so many distractions. We can forget ourselves and our failings in feverish activity, and in interacting with other insecure people. Their problem gives us some relief from our own.

“Nothing to fear when the sun goes down. Go out and accept the night on its own terms. It is not so dark as it seems”.

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  1. this is the first time I have visited your blog.Nocturnal being, as your blog says that you are the natural corollary is that you must also be honest, truthful and mysterious as darkness is.
    The pictures, if taken by you, also speak something about your persona.The angle you beset for the Church in the Wilderness and the delibrate 'exclusion' of the cemetry adjacent there, are poignant psychological pointers about the Deep Thoughts.I mean the road it takes, the jungle trail(?) it will lead to in the times to come....all very well,very well indeed.
    Sincerely speaking I found meandering through your blog was a very envigorating experience.
    My best wishes Manav...an apt name for the creator of this blog.