Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pak women relish fresh challenges; From managing slaughter houses to making gensets, they do it all

The so-called conservative Pakistani women have come a long way and have made their presence felt in every field from managing a slaughter house to making gensets.

Kokab Parveen, executive member of the Central and North Punjab Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, says 50 per cent women in Pakistan today are working in the service as well as the product sectors. Many of them are also engaged in working with the cottage industries and self-employment groups. Parveen was in Ludhiana with a group from Pakistan that has displayed its creations during "Baisakhi Dhamaka".

Giving a striking example of women managing a slaughter house, she said one of the members of the chamber, Dr Azmat Safi, was managing a slaughter house. "Even the employees working in her slaughter house are women. Another woman, Qaisra Sheikh, is making gensets while Dr Shela Zawed is running a pharmaceutical firm," she said. Women today are very enterprising and taking up fresh challenges in their lives.

Besides, women in large numbers are engaged in cottage industry, embroidery, textile industry, shoe-making and jewellery. "Our chamber visits rural areas regularly to impart information on being self-reliant. "Five women are chosen by the chamber and their skill is modernised to make them self-reliant," she added.

Parveen was very happy over the response they got from Ludhiana residents to their products. "People here are really crazy for Pakistani suits, jewellery and traditional Punjabi juttis. I was exploring whether we can open showrooms to sell specialised Pakistani products," she added.

Adding further, she said no doubt China was giving a tough competition to them. "It will take another 15 years for us to compete with China. The Chinese Government's people-friendly policies and the free power and gas supply to new entrepreneurs are some of the mantras behind the Chinese success," she added.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hours spent with u.....

The hours I spent with you dear

are as a string of pearls to me.

I count them over

every one apart.

Sit by me, my love,

and listen to my heart.

Smile, for your happiness

is the symbol of our future.

My heart refuses to deny you its secret,

That I want you, only you....

Let my heart repeat without end,

If I had two lives,

One I'd give you,

The other I'd give up for you.....

Friday, May 29, 2009

One dream deeper...

Since we parted yesterday eve,

I do love you Love, believe....

Twelve hours longer,

One dream deeper,

One night stronger,

One sun surer,

thus much more.......

Than I love you Love,


"If you wanna know how much I miss u,

Try to catch the raindrops,

The one's you catch is how you miss me

and one's you drop is how much I miss you..."

Monday, May 25, 2009

Between You and Me

I say I Love You.
I mean I dream of you.
I knew I would fall in love with you.
I swear I care for you.
I love to hear from you.
I like admiring you.
I pray for you.
I promise I will be forever there for you.
I know I am crazy about you.
I will forever love you.
I know I am made for you.
I regret when I don't talk to you.
I worry when I don't get to see you.
I wish you realized that God has made me for you.
I could never go on without you.
I fear leaving you.
I jot it down only for you.........

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Supreme Thought

Silently and reverently I sat by him.
I could not talk; so I resorted to silence,
The only language of the heart.
But I felt he was listening to my wordless call,
And watching my soul in eyes......

Upon hearing those words,
I closed my eyes and
On my lips there was a smile of pleasure,
As I gave my hand into his,
Now the same smile was visible on his lips as well......
Now I know there is something higher than heaven,
deeper than ocean and stranger than life and death.
I know now what I did not know before.....

At that moment he became dearer than a friend,
and more beloved than a sweetheart.
He became a supreme thought, a beautiful dream,
an overpowering emotion living in my spirit.....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

Make my wish come true !

I asked my lucky star tonight,
to make my wish come true.
But even it failed as I am still missing you,
and you are not near.
With every day that passes by,
I miss that smile on your face.
Your gentle touch and tender kiss,
makes each passing day worthwhile.

The star I wished upon tonight,
didn't make my fantasy come true.
Because you are still so far away,
and I am still missing you.
I wish I could hold you tight,
for a brief moment in time.
To be able to say, I Love You,
and how much I care for you.

Translation in Hindi by Dr Ernest Albert. It wd not have been fair if I kept this with me without sharing with u guys...Thks Sir...

Apni kismat ke sitaare se kaha maine
meri mannat puri kar do na !
woh bhi nahi puri kar paya .
par abhi bhi main tumhe
pyaar karti hoon.
tum paas nahi ho mere
aur yeh din hain ki
beet'ne ka naam hi nahi lete.
tumhaari muskaan
tumhaari chhooan
phool sa tumhara choomna
mere har din ko
din sa roshan kar jata hai.
raat jis taare se
mannat mangi thi
meri ichha ko
pankh nahi de paya
aur tum abhi bhi
faaslon ka anant ho
aur main abhi bhi tumhe pyaar karti hoon.
kaash pal bhar tumhe
bheench paati baahon mein
kaash keh paati,
main tumhe pyaar karti hoon
aur apne bheetar kitna
sjaa kar rakhaa hua hai tumhe.