Friday, May 22, 2009

My Supreme Thought

Silently and reverently I sat by him.
I could not talk; so I resorted to silence,
The only language of the heart.
But I felt he was listening to my wordless call,
And watching my soul in eyes......

Upon hearing those words,
I closed my eyes and
On my lips there was a smile of pleasure,
As I gave my hand into his,
Now the same smile was visible on his lips as well......
Now I know there is something higher than heaven,
deeper than ocean and stranger than life and death.
I know now what I did not know before.....

At that moment he became dearer than a friend,
and more beloved than a sweetheart.
He became a supreme thought, a beautiful dream,
an overpowering emotion living in my spirit.....


  1. Language relates to our experiences and when there is a new experince different from all other experiences , the search for language begins silently. While we do some unarticulated language for us and within us, we can not areate language to encode the experience for others.
    But isn't it the power of language that we can make sense of that unarticulated experience and yet there is no exactness; that 's why it is strange and ovewhelming, overpowering, and cosmic.
    A beautiful poem. of course!

  2. It seems that u have had this silent converstaion with Almighty, as human has long forgotten how to converse with mouth shut